JGTV Equipment Programming for Triathletes (Approved for Merrithew™ and PMA CECs)

2 hours | Intermediate | Lecture Demo


This workshop includes programming on Pilates equipment (Chair, Cadillac, Reformer, Barrels), great for any athlete, but has been designed specifically to address the needs of triathletes.  It includes a complete program with more than 50 exercises that address crucial aspects of a triathlete’s training demands: Injury Prevention / Recovery / Core and Peripheral Strength / Body Awareness / Coordination / Agility / Balance.  The exercises range from beginner to advanced.  This program is delivered Lecture / Demo style.


  1. Discuss the following in a brief overview:  Demands of the sport Triathlon; Common Injuries, Benefits of Pilates, Scope of Practice.
  2. To provide the participant with targeted exercises for triathletes: Swimmers, Cyclists, and Runners. Specifically, to review exercises that address recovery needs, strength demands, and mobility demands of triathletes.
  3. To give tips and examples for putting together comprehensive Pilates workouts for triathletes using traditional Pilates principles and principles of alignment.


  1. To give instructors many exercise options for triathletes of all levels and abilities.
  2. To demonstrate the proper form and execution of the exercises, providing any regressions and progressions that are appropriate.
  3. To utilize the full spectrum of common Pilates Equipment to provide the best possible programming options.


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