JGTV Fitness on the Cadillac / Tower / Spring Wall (Approved for Merrithew™ and PMA CECs)

2 hours | Intermediate


This workshop includes a creative, full body program that works all of the major muscle groups and is designed for more fitness-based clients. The Cadillac will be used as a fitness tool using spring resistance in more traditional way to bring the worlds of fitness and Pilates together.  Springs may be interchanged  depending on the goal of the workout and the level of the client.  This workshop is perfect for those instructors wanting to add a more fitness based flare to a traditional Pilates program.


  1. Increase your Cadillac repertoire options with fresh ideas and great tips for adding a fitness emphasis to your Pilates practice.
  2. Learn how the spring resistance, placement of springs and placement of the body add challenge to strength, balance and body awareness to the exercises.
  3. Learn how to program full body workouts using just the Cadillac.


  1. Teach traditional fitness exercises using the uniqueness of the spring tension and line of pull of the Cadillac to challenge and develop core and peripheral strength.
  2. Teach the workshop in a traditional fitness format, breaking the body up by muscular emphasis to aid in creating balanced and full body programs.
  3. Learn creative ways to regress and progress exercises to easily move them from beginning to advanced level.


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