JGTV Fitness for Reformer 2 (Approved for Merrithew™ and PMA CECs)

2 hours | Intermediate


This workshop provides a program designed for stronger participants who have mastered the beginner and intermediate level exercises on the Reformer. It features a complete workout, with some all-time favorite fitness-based exercises performed on the Reformer. This program challenges strength, mobility and body awareness and while it’s level is intermediate-advanced, it includes a full-range of exercises starting from beginner.


  1. Experience a full intermediate / advanced fitness- based program on the Reformer full of creative and unique exercises.
  2. Learn the proper form, biomechanics, regressions and progressions to new and traditional exercises.
  3. Understand and learn how to program for clients that are skilled athletes and fit individuals seeking a Pilates practice to enhance their performance.


  1. Present a full program filled with great new exercises for those clients that need and are ready for challenge in strength and body awareness.
  2. Discuss the exercises in terms of who they are most valuable for, who they might be contraindicated for, and how to program the exercises into specific workouts.
  3. Show creative programming with both traditional and non-traditional exercises on the Reformer.

What you’ll use

  • Merrithew Reformer
  • Box
  • Padded Platform Extender (optional)


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