Functional Anatomy 101

This 2 day, 10-hour module is the foundational workshop for JG FIT and a perfect course for those studying fitness and/or pilates. Delivered in an easy to understand format, you will learn the basics about how the body is put together and what makes it move. Specific emphasis is placed on the most commonly used terms, the bones and bony landmarks, and the muscles you need to know and understand when studying fitness and/or Pilates. This is the perfect prerequisite workshop for the STOTT PILATES certification program, prepping for a fitness or pilates exam – or for anyone who just wants to understand the musculo-skeletal system. This course includes materials and a syllabus, but please be prepared to take notes.

*Materials include: JG FIT Manual Anatomy Section.

Other suggested reference materials include: ACE Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals. Flash Anatomy Flash Cards, Muscles, by Bryan Edwards Publishing. Illustrated Essentials of Musculoskeletal Anatomy, by Sieg and Adams.

Module includes reviews and quizzes and other learning tools.

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