JGTV Elastic Pilates (Approved for Merrithew™ and PMA CECs)

2 hours | Intermediate


The properties of elastic symbolize what we want to achieve in Pilates: Flexibility, Strength, Balance and Fluidity. This workshop uses a Flex-Band®, Fitness Circle® and Stability Ball with Pilates-inspired exercises to add variety and challenge to any workout, and to help us understand and improve our bodies through the magic of elastic. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the principles and difference between a number of elastic tools used in Pilates Training.
  2. Learn how the unique principles of elastic tools apply to the principles and desired outcome of Pilates Training: Flexibility & Strength, Balance, and Fluidity.
  3. Explore exercises utilizing the qualities of elastic tools.


  1. Using the Flex-Band®’s unique qualities and combination of stretch and strength, you’ll experience unique and multi-level exercises that will enhance and develop those qualities throughout our bodies’ joints and muscles.
  2. Utilizing the qualities of a stability ball including balance and the ability to move in all directions, you’ll explore exercises that both challenge those same qualities in the human body and assist in awareness and enhancement of them.
  3. The Fitness Circle® represents fluidity and a continuous line. Learn helpful tips to help you achieve those same results in programming and teaching.


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