STOTT PILATES® Sliding Mobility Disks™ for Dynamic Stabilization, Matwork

Mobilizing the joints, from the spine to the appendages, is necessary to maintain a supple resilient body. However, flexibility and range of motion alone are not enough. In order to have a fully functional physique, creating stability in all movements is equally as important. Created by the programming team at Merrithew™, this workout incorporates the simple Sliding Mobility Disks™ in Matwork-based sequences that move and challenge the musculature of the whole body. The three-dimensional patterns include floor work for the arms, legs and core, and progress to a standing series that targets upright balance and control. Find exercise options for all levels of clients with this all-in-one workout.

Learning objectives

  • Learn a workout that exclusively employs the Sliding Mobility Disks
  • Discover exercise variations that up-level or down-level the intensity of the workout
  • Learn exercises that target the upper and lower body as well as the core
  • Review teaching skills to get the best performance from your clients

Equipment used in this workshop

  • Mat (1:1)
  • Sliding Mobility Disks (1:1)
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