Total Barre® Foundations Course

The dynamic Total Barre® program is intended for those already working in the fields of fitness or movement. Instructors looking to bring music-inspired movement to their clients will love the 11 specially arranged and selected segments that serve as the template for each session or class.

Segments are accompanied by timed selections of music, each at a designated pace and focus on individual areas of the body or movement type.

Upon completion of the Instructor Foundation Course, participants will be able to teach the Total Barre method of exercise. Only upon the receipt of their certificate will they be entitled to identify themselves as a Total Barre Qualified Instructor.

Total Barre offers a balanced and thorough blend of theory, observation and practical experience to help you master the repertoire.

General course objectives

  • Learn creative choreography of a well-balanced Barre workout
  • Receive a template to effectively guide participants to modify and choreograph future workouts
  • Break down various movements and explore the stabilization and mobilization required to achieve them
  • Learn how to cue, correct and modify effectively for all populations
  • Experience and implement six Total Barre Foundational Principles
  • Participants are supplied suggested beats per minute for each segment of the workout they learn with optional music playlist


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