ZEN•GA® Instructor Foundation Course, Equipment

ZEN•GA® Instructor Foundation Course, Equipment

The Equipment program created through the ZEN•GA approach to movement allow us to utilize the unique quality of spring resistance. The coiling and uncoiling quality of the springs creates a more fluid, resilient body. The ZEN•GA Equipment Course will help us explore the principles that make up the method and apply them to movement programs designed to reach the desired goals. This is a seven-hour in-class training (plus one-hour break) – and some previous yoga or other mind-body training is highly recommended.

What you will learn:

  • The four ZEN•GA Mindful Movement principles
  • Experiential exercises on the Reformer to reinforce these principles
  • The definition of fascia and an introduction to the new model of training termed fascial fitness
  • The benefits of training the neuromyofascial web
  • An introduction to a new field of study in the human body called biotensegrity
  • Exercises on the Reformer that explore the Myofascial Meridians

Requirements of qualification:
This course is intended for those already working in the fields of fitness or movement (dance, Yoga and/or other mind-body training) however, all those interested in this material are encouraged to participate.

Course length: 7 hours

Continuing Education Credits

REPs 7.0
canfitpro 4.0
ACE 0.7
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